About us

In 1971, Girolamo was born in a household steeped in the world of fashion design in Milan, Italy, which was already the fashion hub then. Genetically inherited from a pioneering design duo-his parents, Girolamo has always had a keen eye for style.

By 1997, Young Girolamo had made a name for himself in the fashion design community because of his innovative ideas and avantgarde aesthetic. A merit-based invitation from Domus Academy (A place where stellar careers are launched and ranked among top design universities, cultivates a large number of world-renowned design experts, such as Anna Dello Russo who is editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, and Diego Dolcini who is a former Gucci design director, etc.) was offered.

In 2001, Girolamo's design style grew increasingly distinct in time and was widely sought after by individuals of character. Just when everyone thought that Girolamo would continue to construct mythology in the fashion design world. With his deep-seated enthusiasm, he took a courageous choice and introduced himself to the field of horology.

Everyone thought this was a reckless attempt, but only Girolamo knew that, if the most cutting-edge concepts and creative artistic ideas freely met and clashed, it would definitely have a huge spark with the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, which would advance the progress of the traditional watchmaking industry.

In September 2012, Girolamo launched the fashion watch brand DAVIS ELVIN in Milan, Italy. "If I weren't me, this would be an excellent way to verify the success of the design." Since Girolamo didn't want the public to be aware of his prior prominence, he went by the name DAVIS ELVIN to conceal his true identity and devote himself only to the field of watchmaking. Starting from zero, this meant for the brand, but also for DAVIS ELVIN to start his journey in his crossover career.

At the beginning of the brand's establishment, DAVIS ELVIN did not rush to launch a new watch but went to Bern, the core city of the modern Swiss watch industry. He devoted himself to watch manufacturing, design, and the mystery of watchmaking. Seven years later, DAVIS ELVIN mastered the core technology of watchmaking. The skill he learned and his keen sense of fashion have laid a good foundation for the creation of watches.

In 2019, DAVIS ELVIN launched the ROMA series and the SICILY series, subtly integrating his artistic attainments with watch craftsmanship, breaking the shackles of traditional watchmaking. In DAVIS ELVIN watches, not only bright and dazzling colors are boldly used to express personality, but also new composite materials such as carbon fiber, ceramics, FKM (fluorine rubber), and other materials which are usually used in aerospace, cars, and other fields.

DAVIS ELVIN ROMA (male sporty watches) and SICILY (female watches) are famous for their avantgarde tonneau-shaped design, bold colors, carbon fiber case, FKM strap and automatic movement. The unique shape and design are well received by fashion crowds. DAVIS ELVIN quickly made a name in the watch industry.

In April 2021, DAVIS ELVIN announced three new products of the ROMA DR05 series, DR05-1, DR05-D, and DR05-S. This was considered another milestone innovation, which was also the brand's first attempt to make watches in white carbon fiber. DAVIS ELVIN watches' color matching, dial design, and the use of new materials are the basis for the continuation and growth of the brand.

The original intention of creating DAVIS ELVIN is to inject new blood into the traditional watch industry and bring about an innovative revolution.

DAVIS ELVIN watches are by no means only pursuing the surface, but hoping to convey the attitude of "dare to be different, dare to love" through the unique design and the use of new materials, always striving on the road of adhering to one's love, and dare to insist and create all differences. This is the personal pursuit of DAVIS ELVIN, and it is also the expression of the attitude of the DAVIS ELVIN brand. At the moment, the brand's worth has been amply shown across the globe with its flourishing global recognition.

The future is always in your own hands. Create decisively, and pursue your passion bravely, starting from this very moment.